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When Warrior was looking for the best new technology for their championship hockey goalie sticks, they selected VIBEX® to reduce impact shock and promote goalie health. Warrior has taken advantage of the VIBEX® EQUIPPED brand to promote the unseen technology in their hockey sticks that delivers this valuable user enhancement. Put the VIBEX® Damping System to work for your products too.
"Do you want an edge over your competition?"

Let VIBEX® help you promote your product with the VIBEX® EQUIPPED brand. Customers will recognize a new technology and bring attention to the design features hidden inside your product that deliver a superior user experience. VIBEX® branding is available in many ways: logos, tags, stickers, clips, dealer accessories - to help you sell the vibration damping advantages of your product.

Contact a VIBEX® Sales Engineer today at or call 248-433-3500 to request our branding package for your company.

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