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VIBEX®  Is a Hit With Louisville Slugger!
Sporting Equipment

Bring on those negative vibrations!  Who did Louisville Slugger partner with to produce one of the best feeling, 1 piece alloys on the market today?  You guessed it.  VIBEX®  The world leader in vibration dampening technology.  Are your bats VIBEX® Equipped? 

Warrior Ritual V3 Composite Goalie Stick
Sporting Equipment

Warrior Corporation manufacturers a tremendous line of hockey equipment and uses VIBEX® to help reduce shock transmitted through sticks to a players hands. Watch this video to hear more about Warriors latest goalie stick and it’s unique use of VIBEX®.

Mike -

Outdoor Equipment

Photo of the VIBEX® sales team at their booth during the October 2012 GIE+ Expo. The Expo, based in Louisville Kentucky, is the largest outdoor power equipment tradeshow in the nation. The show features exhibits from leading manufactures of lawn mowers, line trimmers, snow blowers, trenchers, chain saws and leaf blowers, all products that incorporate VIBEX® for vibration reduction.

VIBEX® Team (left to right) - Andrew LaRouche, Venkat Ramakrishnan, Tom Corden, Kasi Rubadue, Joe Kresovsky, James Lane, Robert Corden

WOLF-Garten Power Mover
Outdoor Equipment

To help meet the strict vibration standards in Europe, Wolf-Garten uses VIBEX® in their award winning professional Lawnmower.  Click here to read the full press release.

MTD - WOLF-Garten Power Mover

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