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Injection Equipment
VIBEX® can be injected into any space or cavity to help reduce vibration and impact shock.  To aid in this injection process, we offer several different injection devices. Depending on the amount of VIBEX® and rate of injection required, VIBEX® engineers can recommend the proper injection device for your product / production line.
In addition to the injection device, we design tooling specific to your part thus ensuring a proper VIBEX® fill with no leaking or back flow.

In the case of low volume applications, VIBEX® is provided in a traditional caulking tube. One tube holds 250 grams of product. Injection into the application is with a traditional caulking gun. VIBEX® however is extremely viscous, and we recommend a heavy duty caulking gun with “teeth” on the plunger rod.

In higher volume applications, VIBEX® can be injected with an air powered caulking gun. The product is still supplied in a traditional caulking tube holding 250 grams. The device however can dispense VIBEX® much more quickly than the basic caulking gun, and with significantly less effort by the operator.


In higher volume and larger shot size applications, we will recommend a single pail injection machine. The pail of VIBEX®  that will fit in this machine contains 16 KG's of material. These machines are set at predetermined shot sizes and typically have a cycle time of under five seconds.  

On extremely high volume production lines, a dual pail system is normally desired. This injection system has all of the advantages of the single pail machine, but automatically switches to a second pail when the first pail is empty. This allows the operator to swap out the empty pail without interrupting production. This machine uses a pail of VIBEX® that contains 16 KG’s of material.

Some type of “tooling” is required to interface the injection device with the part being injected.

Tooling can be as simple as a flexible tube connected to the end of the injection device, a more complicated gun design, or gun/clam shell arrangement. The tooling will depend on the application, the desired shot size and the cycle time required.

Click the start button below to view a brief video of the injection process using caulking guns and the Clam Shell Gun illustrated to the right.

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