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VIBEX® Formulas

VIBEX® products are available in a variety of formulas, depending on the requirements of the application.


VIBEX® Original:


The first VIBEX® was developed  for use in motorcycle handlebars and also marketed under the brand name “Bar Buzz Kill”. Our original VIBEX® is  tremendous for use in motorcycle / snowmobile/ off-road  handlebars and as a general purpose product for reducing vibration.


VIBEX® Sport:


Our VIBEX® customers in the Sporting and hand held product markets demanded a lighter weight VIBEX®. VIBEX® Sport was developed to meet this market and is approximately 20 % lighter that original VIBEX®. Markets are baseball bats, tennis racquets, golf clubs, lacrosse sticks, field hockey sticks, ice hockey sticks, line trimmers, hedge trimmers,  Tennis shoes, etc. 


VIBEX® Plus:


Many of our VIBEX® customers are interested in reducing vibration, but also in increasing the mass of their product in specific areas . VIBEX® plus allows customers to specify the specific gravity of the VIBEX® to create a custom balanced product.


VIBEX® Hydrophobic:


Original VIBEX® is not hydrophobic. It is not impervious to water and humidity.  Many of our applications do require this property and VIBEX® HP fulfills this role. Designed to reduce vibration in products that are exposed to humid environments. Examples are: all outdoor power equipment.


VIBEX® High Temperature:


The use of VIBEX® in automotive engine compartments required a high temperature version to be formulated. VIBEX® HT is designed for use in environments as high as 200 degrees C.


VIBEX® Low Temperature:


VIBEX® LT is used in cold temperature applications like snow thrower handle bars. A low temperature VIBEX® has been developed that dampens vibration effectively down to -30 degrees C.


VIBEX® High Viscosity:


VIBEX® HV  is an especially viscous material for vibration damping in extreme environments / applications.


Depending on the application, damping requirements, environment, weighting requirements, and temperature considerations, there is probably a  VIBEX®  that has been designed for your needs.


Our VIBEX® Sales Engineers and Chemists can help you determine the proper VIBEX® for your application or develop a new VIBEX® specifically for your needs.

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