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The VIBEX® vibration damping system is an inexpensive yet effective method to protect the body from continuous vibration  inherent in the home appliances we use every day.

Engineered and manufactured by the Permawick Corporation, VIBEX® is a blend of polymers and synthetic hydrocarbons, in the form of a gel, designed to achieve the ultimate vibration / shock suppression, vs. weight ratio possible. In addition to its light weight and tremendous vibration suppression properties, VIBEX® is unique as it can be injected into cavities of any shape or size.

Vacuum cleaners, food processors, blenders, juicers, mixers, food grinders and more.  All of these appliances have hollow cavities or handles that can be injected with VIBEX®, to help reduced transmission of vibration the user.

VIBEX® has been laboratory tested by the Permawick Corporation for over three years. It has also been tested and endorsed by a Major Midwestern University which has documented VIBEX® can reduce vibration over 75 % in most applications.
 VIBEX® is light weight, easy to use, conforms to any space and only small amounts are required to significantly reduce vibration / shock transferred to the body.
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