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Sporting Equipment

VIBEX® is a perfect vibration damping product for all types of sporting equipment. Hockey sticks, golf club shafts, tennis racquet's, archery stabilizers, baseball and softball bats. All have natural reservoirs in their design and construction that allow VIBEX® to be easily injected and conform to the internal contours of the equipment.

Snow and water skis, ice and inline skates all pass on unwanted vibration on to the user.

All of this sporting equipment is subject to vibration that travels through to the body and can cause early fatigue and reduced  performance in the both weekend and professional athletes.


Contact one of our Sales Engineers to discuss how VIBEX® can be integrated into your sporting equipment.

Click a link below to review the laboratory test results for these products. 

Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the reports. Click the icon below to get the reader.


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