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Bulk Packaging
VIBEX® is currently available in two types of packaging.
For small volume requirements, VIBEX® is packaged in a conventional size caulking tube. Injection of VIBEX® can be with a traditional caulking gun and injection tube if required.  Because VIBEX® is extremely viscous,  a heavy duty caulking gun is recommended to inject the product.
One tube of VIBEX® contains 250 grams of VIBEX®.

For higher volume requirements, VIBEX® is provided in a 5 gallon pail. To injection VIBEX® from the pail, an automated dispensing system is required. The VIBEX® dispensing system is available with a variety of options to accommodate the requirements of the customer.
A five gallon pail of VIBEX® contains 16 KG's of VIBEX®.


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