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The handlebars of both on and off road motorcycles are subject to constant vibration. The vibration comes from two main sources, the riding surface, and the engine that powers the bike. In addition to causing  fatigue in the fingers, hands and arms, this vibration can actually cause a loss of feeling and over time become a safety issue for riders.

Motorcycle handlebars were actually the first market where our vibration damping gels proved to be a tremendous success. Originally release as a product line called Bar Buzz Kill, the product is now also sold under the VIBEX® brand.

Non motorized bikes can also benefit from VIBEX®. Mountain bike as well as street bike terrain sends vibration up through the frame / handlebar to feet and hands.

University testing has shown VIBEX® can reduce road vibration in a typical non motorized bike handlebars by 75 %. dramatically reduce vibration with VIBEX®.



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