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The European Vibration Directive, Industrial Health 2005, 43, 472-479, Page 1




Do you need help with Compliance issues? Do you want a better and safer user experience?
VIBEX® helps our customers comply with EU regulations. Effective, inexpensive and easy to integrate into your design, VIBEX® can deliver a better and safer user experience by significantly damping vibration at harmful frequencies. Lightweight and easy to inject, VIBEX® can fill tubes and hollow cavities, conforming to the shape of your handles to reduce vibration before it is transmitted to the user. VIBEX® has been university tested in over 30 applications with consistently high marks. 
Contact a VIBEX® sales engineer today at or call 248-433-3500 and get on the right road to vibration solutions.
Click here to view The European Vibration Directive document.


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